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Writual Society

What is Writual Society?

Have you struggled to find a way to incorporate the beauty of the tarot into your everyday? To find the support and inclusion of a community that helps you to grow the intuition that you know exists inside of you?

Well you're not alone.

Welcome to the Writual Society. We are an ever-evolving space created for tarot lovers to come together and share ideas, experiences and knowledge - to learn together and expand the magic in our everyday lives.

It is a group for those of us seeking inspiration for a real-world spiritual practice – one that can fit into the one or three or five minutes we actually have each day – to join together with people who share our challenges.

Here's what's included when you join the Writual Society Community!

》A new workbook every 30 days that includes astrological insights for the current month, simple daily rituals that will really fit into your schedule, unique tarot spreads inspired by the month’s energy and a quick-reference guide with the month’s signs, planets, tarot correspondences and astrological event dates.

》Exclusive access to our private community - available only to you and your fellow Society members. Enjoy daily interaction and insight with your community!

Access to an ever-growing library of video instruction on how to use your Writual resources.

》Live events such as astrology updates, Q+A, bookclub and more. 

》Exclusive member pricing on all Writual products now and in the future.

Tell me if this sounds like you. . .

For years you’ve been interested in tarot. You have a deck that you take out and draw cards every once in a while, but usually you just place them back on your shelf, or in a closet, because you struggle to remember their meaning, or don’t have anyone else in your life that you can really talk to about them. . .

But you know, deep down, that you have a connection inside of you - something that’s speaking to you through these cards; a magic, a spirituality that makes sense. 

Maybe you’ve signed up for a class online, or you’ve tried to study with books, but nothing has quite clicked for you.

What if I told you. . .

That there were thousands of others just like you? Even those readers who have developed a strong connection with their practice feel alone sometimes because the tarot is not part of the mainstream and it's difficult to find people who share their interest.

Astrology is not something that most people understand - it's difficult to find people in our everyday lives who are on the same page and want to talk about these practices. There are so many others just like you seeking community and seeking understanding, and seeking development of their spiritual practice.

This is why we have created the Writual Society - to have a community of people who understand one another and can help each other to expand our practices no matter where we are in our growth.

Some are just beginning, some are amazingly advanced, but no matter where on the spectrum we fall we all believe that it takes daily practice and inclusion to make the spiritual and the magical more accessible. So, with that in mind -

You're officially invited to join our community!

By joining our community you will grow with others through sharing our rituals and practices and learn from experts through instruction - no matter where on your spiritual journey you may be.

The Writual Society Promise

I’d imagine that right now you’re struggling to find a consistent way to incorporate tarot into your every day. You’d love to have a daily ritual that brings peace, meaning and value to your life - but with the craziness that we all experience in our world it can be so hard.

Picture yourself in a community of like-minded people, all striving toward that same goal. . . 

I promise that if you join and immerse yourself in our community and portal, you'll grow and be pushed closer to your own personal intuition and fill your daily life with powerful magical and spiritual rituals and practices.

We understand that our busy lives often only allow for a few minutes to open ourselves to the mystical. Let’s do that together.

About Us

At Writual Society we believe in making the spiritual accessible - everyday, to everyone. We are committed to creating simple but powerful tools to merge the mystical with the mundane so that we all can carve out a little space each day to connect and explore.

In a world where we have so many commitments and responsibilities pulling us in every direction it can be difficult to commit to long, involved rituals and routines. We’re interrupted mid-meditation by the kids or pulled away from ritual by our growing to-do list. Forget even sitting down to lay out that enormous tarot spread! So, we just never get to it.

It was this need to find easy, attainable ways to call in a daily reflective practice that birthed Writual Planner - and now we are excited to introduce Writual Society. Writual Society is an ever-evolving space created for our community to share ideas and experiences, to pool our combined knowledge and expand ourselves through reflection and interaction. It is a group for those of us who need inspiration for a real-world spiritual practice - that can fit into the one or three or five minutes each day we actually have - with people who share our challenges.

We hope that this space will serve as a kick-off point for you to take a few minutes each day to invest in your inner self and that you will join us to talk about your experiences and ideas - how you’re finding your magic!

We can't wait to see you!

— Sheila Ellis, Mom, Tarot Lover, and Founder of Writual Society

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