Welcome to Writual Society

An online community for tarot lovers and spiritual seekers of all levels.

Are you longing for more soulful and spiritual connection in your every day life? 

You’ve tried all the things. You have all the tools. Your tarot cards are gathering dust and all those great books on astrology, crystals, intuition and magic are just sitting lonely on your shelves. 

It’s not that you don’t know what to do, or how to do it (though you’re also keen to learn more). 

It’s just…you’ve hit capacity in your capabilities and it’s just not as fun as it was when you started. Or your schedule is so hectic that it’s hard to fit in five minutes to yourself, let alone five minutes for your practice. An hour of meditation? Are you kidding? 

It’s time to rediscover the mystical and magical side of life.

Imagine starting your day by connecting to the universe while you wait for your coffee to brew. You ground yourself in knowing that you can tackle anything that comes your way. 

Or maybe you’re a night-time spiritual dweller, journaling gratitude before falling into a restful night’s sleep, comfortable in the peace of having done your very best, yet feeling that the best is somehow still to come. 

What if you had a supportive community, a place to dive deeply into the topics that intrigue you, and learn new practices to add to your repertoire? A place that allowed you to connect more fully to your spiritual side and encouraging you to pick up those tarot cards once more?

That’s why we created the Writual Society.  

The Writual Society is a members-only community of like-minded individuals from all experience levels who want to incorporate the beauty of a spiritual practice into everyday life. 

 You want the support and inclusion that comes with a community and helps you grow your own intuition, knowledge and skills. And you want inspiration for a real-world practice that fits into whatever three or five minutes a day you have. 

Instead of tackling your spiritual practice alone, we’ve developed an ever-evolving space to come together and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. We learn together and expand the magic in our everyday lives. We pull our cards together and we discuss the universal energies in ways that make them more accessible. 

In the Writual Society, we know that it’s possible to come back to your spiritual practice again and again, no matter how long it’s been since you last picked up your cards or said a mantra. 

Step into our community and feel a renewed energy, excitement and momentum for your practice. We’re here to guide the way.

If you’re ready to invest in your inner self, make deep connections with the spiritual world and enjoy like-minded conversation, then the Writual Society is the place for you.

Here’s what’s included when you join the Writual Society:

Monthly PDF Workbook Bundle that includes:

  • Information about the astrological energies happening this month
  • Two tarot spreads for the new and full moon
  • Two rituals for the new and full moon
  • Yoga poses rooted in the themes of the month
  • Journaling prompts 
  • Fun extras!

Daily Tarot Prompts

  • Three-card spreads for your daily Writual Planner card pulls 

Weekly Community Planning Sessions

  • Bring your tarot or oracle cards and journal and set your intentions and action plans for the week ahead

Live Virtual Moon Gatherings every New and Full Moon

  • Listen to a talk from our in-house Astrologer followed by a deep-dive into a member's personal chart to understand how the energies work in practical ways

Live Monthly Workshop on rotating topics

  • Each month we choose a spiritual practice or topic our members are interested in and host a live learning workshop taught by an expert in the field!

We also like to throw in fun extras like a book club, challenges, lunar practices, affirmations and more.

Our closed community forum is a safe container to ask questions, engage in discussion and connect to other spiritual seekers just like you!

Still curious? Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Writual Society with this virtual walkthrough! 👇🏼


Here are just a few things our members are saying:

I have been a member since month 1, & I must say, you all continue to hit it out of the park with each new pitch! I’m loving the monthly workbooks, the affirmations, the live events, & on & on…..Sheila—you & your team just keep adding to the benefits of this group! I love 💕 the various hermit cards this month with exactly what deck goes with each image & the moon 🌚 spreads are awesome! I’m so very thankful for everyone involved, including the other members—exactly what I was needing!  — Danielle T.

I want to thank you for this incredible tool. This is the best gift I have given myself in a very long time. I appreciate the work, love and effort you've given. Always know that it is touching lives in ways you may never know. With gratitude. — Debbie B.

The monthly workbooks are unique and extremely helpful for me. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first started receiving them, but now that I'm five months deep into their use, I absolutely cannot do without them! The insights and information are presented in such a wonderful way and the artwork used within is utterly gorgeous. — Krissy R.

Love this little gem, it really puts each month into perpective,!!!  — Bobbie D.

Sound exactly like what you’ve been looking for? Then join us in the Writual Society!